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The central hub for all your video projects
in review and presentation.

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REACH instantly

Access instantly and securely on a central hub for all your media assets, from rough to final cuts.

  • Cloud-based
  • 256-bit Encryption

REACH live

Mark up any frame LIVE with zero frame drop while video-conferencing your team to review media together.

  • Annotation
  • 60 fps


Share and present videos professionally in a branded space, with a single link that controls access.

  • Single Link
  • Custom Interface
  • Team Logo

REACH orderly

Organize all your media files automatically by projects and versions.

  • Version Tree

“Half my day used to be spent looking for buried versions, reviewing and writing feedback via emails and meetings. Now, I just open wipshot.”

SECURE entire process

We’ve developed and designed our product with security as a top priority. All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest with the added layer of wipshot security in 256-bit SSL encryption. Share, review and store all in one stop safe, secure, and private.

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