3 Super Easy Steps to Start wipshot

Introducing wipshot

After signing up for an account-

1. Create a Project

a. Create a Project by clicking the + icon on the left-hand panel.

b. Enter your Project name and click ‘Create’.

2. Upload a File

3. Share it

a. Click the three-dot button to share your file with a ‘Single Review’ link.

b. Add the Reviewer’s email, and that’s it! (can review without sign-up)

c. If you wish to do so, you can customize their access to your Project.

Access control by File Download, Version Control, ability to Comment/Annotate, set a Password to access, Set an Expiration Date.

Check this page out to see more features and functionality.

We are in the best of times with technology making our lives easier to progressively collaborate from wherever we are. — wipshot

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