Ads Don’t Generate Followers. Content Collaborations Do.


What is Content Collaboration?

You join forces with another brand and create awesome content. Then, you share it with both of your audiences, and it provides a shot in the arm of freshness as well as opening your brand up to a whole new set of people, without costing a fortune.

So, here’s 5 way to make your collaboration a success

1. Choose brands with similar attitude to yours

Apple sells innovation not iPhones, and Airbnb sells homes away from home not lodging. Ultimately, you’re selling your vision to your clients; so if the partnering brand shares your vision and passion, chances of smooth sail collaboration increase.

2. Collaborate with a brand that is a complimentary service or product

Spotify and Uber came together supporting people with a premium Spotify account to listen to their own music in cars booked by Uber. “It’s the first time we’ve personalized the experience inside the car,” Uber CEO, announced. “And for music lovers, that’s nirvana.”

3. Make use of available technology

4. Choose a brand who’s target audience overlaps with your target audience.

Don’t confuse this with your products needing to be similar. When Vans collaborated with Harry Potter it was a match made in heaven…or a match made in Hogwartz. So make sure you focus on that target market intersection because you don’t want to end up trying to sell meat to vegans!

5. Establish a regular schedule of communication

If you adhere to the above advice, you can inject new life into both your brands, successfully drive engagement and drive up your sales.

Written by Tara of yourwebstory and

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