Kylie Jenner+Content Marketing Strategy+3yrs+Zero Paid Traffic= $900M Business

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It isn’t because she’s Kylie Jenner. The Kardashians have a long list of failed businesses.

  1. Find a product you feel passionate about
  2. Find your tribe
  3. Produce high-quaity content
  4. Spread the word
  5. Build a hype
  6. Bag’em and throw’em in the van
  7. Make it rain

1. Passionate Product

The best method to make way for a successful business is by finding a product solution to a problem that you can put a personal story behind. That makes way to create a fan base of people who feel passionate about the story and brand you are selling.

Questions to ask yourself when working on your brand story-

  • How did you get started in your industry?
  • What got you interested in it (besides the idea of making money)?
  • Is your experience relatable?
  • How does this story move people towards pleasure(vitamin product)or away from pain(medicine product)?

Find Your Tribe

  • Where do they hang out? online and offline
  • What kind of person? e.g. gender, age, occupation, etc.
  • What are their favorite things? e.g. Social media platforms, online communities, hobby groups
  • What do they dream of? e.g. values and goals
  • What do they fear? e.g. challenges, pain points
  • What/who is their wallet gatekeeper? e.g. objections

If you don’t want to do all this hunting by yourself, you can use services like Millennial Marketing, AECF, McKinsey&Co. which give some characteristic traits on generation persona and marketing.


Give Out Free Goodies

Whether they’re food samples at Costco, entertaining content, and or free subscription trials- give it out!

But always make it high-quality. Producing high-quality content on a consistent basis as key marketing is old news but people have forgotten what high-quality actually is. Be sure to have a content strategy instead of just producing content for the sake of producing.

Salesforce reports 6–8 touchpoints are needed to generate a viable sales lead, Hubspot research shows 5–6 pieces of content are consumed before converting, and McKinsey reports consumers prefer an interactive marketing experience.

This means, your content needs to nurture an audience long before you ever ask for the sale. Establish yourself and your brand as an expert. Provide resource and information that are:

  • Useful
  • Interesting
  • Inspiring

Speaking of High-Quality, What Types of Content Are Best for 2021?

  1. Video and live streaming
  2. Interactive content
  3. Webinars and online courses
  4. Micro-influencers

Don’t Be This Person and Utilize Free Technology

Can we all agree to STOP writing ‘Please find attached’ in emails, or just stop emails in general?! Emails and digging for files alone is like having a second job. Take advantage of streamlining apps for content that enable you to share instantly and communicate feedback clearly. Most streamlining and productivity apps have a free version plan or free trials that you can take advantage of.

When it comes to closing the gap between confusion and clarity, make sure to get on the same page with your creative team so that your vision is made tangible.

Lastly, flirt with your tribe to build hype

1) Define the problem

2) Solution-based content with a catch…

3) Product-focused solution

4) Create real urgency based on scarcity

Information Resourced from @JohnBlust on Medium

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