“Last Generation” Communication Methods Limited Their Ability to Execute

“We’ve cut through the communication mess, feel inspired, and spend more time on what really matters.”


“I was always on email sending reference files, wasting time digging through buried file versions, jumping to another platform to download large files, requesting a status update, and calling to clarify communication lost in translation.”

The team believed in the efficiency of execution but didn’t have the right toolset to implement it. When the opportunity came up to evaluate other content review/proofing methods, Blalock jumped on it.

“Only if I could spend less time on communication and more on things that really mattered, marketing our message and connecting ideas”.


How wipshot helped

“After being introduced to wipshot, the entire team was able to cut across all miscommunication by directly pinpointing exactly where edits were needed, quickly saw options by comparing them easily, kept a record of all of our project versions and processes in order, and never wasted another minute requesting a status update.”

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

“Half my day used to be spent looking for buried versions, reviewing and writing feedback via emails and conference call meetings. Now, I just open wipshot.”

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