Set Your Content Creation Process on Fire

1) Start with a detailed content strategy

2) Outline a month’s worth of ideas in advance

  • The content will be more consistent if your ideas are outlined ahead of time

3) Create multiple headlines in advance

  • It’s your headlines that serve as your call to action in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)

4) Use free all-in-one content review platforms

annotation feature on wipshot
  • webapp like wipshot is a communication tool for creators and their clients;

5) Create original content more efficiently

  • Conduct an expert interview.
    One quick way to generate content is to come up with a question (or series of questions) and send it out to several experts on the subject.

6) Optimize for different channels

7) Don’t self-censor.

  • All of us have critical inner voices that hound us with all the ways the content we create could be better. These critics slow us down by requiring constant corrections and revisions.

Information Credit: Aaron Agius

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