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Create Project

wipshot works as a project-by-project basis.
Create a new Project by entering the name of the project, the start and end dates, and a description of the project's nature.
Upload files to review by project, leave comments, upload reference materials, manage schedules, and send and receive messages for each project.

Create a Review

Uploading a file to Reviews creates a project space called 'Review' and this is where the entire team can view the projects for review.
Once edits are made to the file, you can add the new version within the same Review and view the file by version within one ‘Review' to send and receive comments.


Upload filles you want to reference to when working on your project with your reviewer.
Share your project strategies, video clips and images, and all other materials needed for everyone to be on the same page.
You can upload all types of files and organize them systematically in folders.


Now you can instantly message without jumping back and forth to another platform.
Chat efficiently with project members within the same platform to share, review, and transfer.

Invite to share

Easily invite reviewers by email address to share your project.
Invited members can annotate, leave a comment, and message on Chat, without sign up when you share by ‘Single Review’.


Communicate in methods you prefer directly on the screen of the reviewing image or video. You can instantly leave comments and annotate directly on the location of your desire. Video files allow frame-by-frame annotation and more.

wipTree: Version Management

Manage your versions through the wipTree as your project progresses and versions develop. Upload and place versions directly and seamlessly so you can view them at a glance from start to finish.

Side-by-side Comparison

With just one click, you can compare differences side-by-side.
Video files can be played simultaneously for an easier and direct comparison.

Overlay Comparison

You can overlay images to compare down to the very last detail in an instant.

File Transfer

So long to the days of transferrings files separately from the place you communicate about your project.
When the review is done, easily upload and transfer the final and often large file on wipshot. Set a password and an expiration date for security purposes.

Download Confirmation

No longer are the days wondering if the file was successfully downloaded. wipshot will email you a Download Confirmation notification simultaneously when an update of who, when, and how many times is recorded on Chat.

Used by International partners

  • DTTO9
  • COBB

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